The Middle School sessions are designed to prepare a student for the Cross Country season.  At this stage, students start to do more structured training and focus on max speed and introductory strength development along with endurance traits such as aerobic endurance and lactate threshold. 

One of the most important concepts we adhere to when training for middle school-aged athletes is the concept of Long Term Athletic Development.  Middle and high school are opportunities to carefully develop biomotor skills.  We take special care in assigning developmentally appropriate training volumes, intensities along with considerations in regard to training density. 

Done properly, one can have life-long success as a runner and our programs will help ease you into a successful journey! 



10 Week "Base Training" 

Online, Daily Programming 

$50 fee for the summer- June 14 (Mon) to Aug 22nd (Sat)

  • Access to the online training platform & video instruction

  • Singlet & Sticker (Mailed to you) 

  • Unlimited email contact

  • Fee Waivers for financial hardship (choose this option in the online sign-up)  


Daily, periodized training focused on developmentally appropriate and long-term development of:

  • Endurance

  • Speed

  • Strength

  • Mobility

  • Form & Skill


The summer training will set your student up for success in the 2020 season and beyond.

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